About Oberlin Junior
and Senior High School

I hope that you will grow into a well-educated and highly knowledgeable international person who can play an active role in a global society.

Yoko Domoto, Principal

In 1921, Chongqing Gakuen, the predecessor of Oberlin Gakuen, was established in Beijing, and children from China, Korea, and Japan who admired and respected Yasuzo Shimizu gathered at the school building and worked hard together. After the war, Oberlin Gakuen started a new step with the purpose of nurturing people who look outwards to the world and contribute to society. At the same time, the Chinese and Korean languages were incorporated into the curriculum, hence actively promoting international exchange. We carry out education for multicultural coexistence while inheriting the thoughts of the founder.

In order to help and support the global community, it is necessary to learn to respect each other's differences and deepen our understanding. At Oberlin, we value efforts to acquire the ability to communicate with people who have different cultures and opinions. We aim to foster autonomous individuals while cultivating their ability to think for themselves, express and convey their thoughts in their own words, and value the experience gained through interacting with others.

Open the door to well-educated and knowledgeable international people based on the Christian spirit

Oberlin Gakuen advocates "cultivation of international people based on the spirit of Christianity" as the founding spirit.

The purpose of the university's founding is to educate as many people
as possible who have mastered both Christianity and language.

Founder Yasuzo Shimizu

About Yasuzo Shimizu, the founder of the school

As a pioneer of international education and volunteering, the founders of this school, Yasuzo and Ikuko Shimizu, opened a private school in the suburbs of Beijing in 1921 and started educational activities for children suffering from poverty to help them become independent.

After Japan’s defeat in WWII, Yasuzo Shimizu and his wife were forced to withdraw from China, but after returning to Japan, they established Oberlin Gakuen in Machida in the hopes of developing human resources to serve the international community.

Oberlin Gakuen Motto
Learning and Labor

The teaching of "Gakujijin: Use what you have learned for people and society", which Sakurabirin Gakuen still cherishes as the school's motto, is "Learning and" advocated by Jean-Frederick Oberin. It overlaps with the idea of "Labor".

Oberlin Gakuen aims to train international figures through Christian education.

The founder, Yasuzo Shimizu, came into contact with Christianity at a young age and practiced the Christian spirit of "serving God and people and loving his neighbor like himself" throughout his life.

Inheriting the passion of this founder, "based on Christianity, we aim to"cultivate internationally educated people"

About Oberlin Gakuen School Emblem

When Jesus Christ was crucified, he was covered with a crown of thorns. This is what those who are hostile to Jesus Christ put on Jesus as a sign of mockery. The crucifixion at that time was a cruel Roman punishment of striking three nails on both hands and feet.
The school emblem of this school symbolizes the Christian belief that we can be led to the glory of God through the hardships of Christ. Three nails were placed on the crown, and a cross and a circle representing the glory of God were placed on the top.

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J. F. Oberlin junior and Senior High School is located in the lush green city of Machida.

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